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Email advice

  • If your first inquiry only requires a short answer, it will be dealt with free of charge. Further inquiries will be charged at Euro 10 + VAT to cover basic costs. Please therefore include address details for invoicing.
  • For people who are interested in having ongoing monitoring of their system we are able to make you special offers at a fixed annual rate. In view of the fact that thare are no limits to what you can save this offer is unbeatable value for money. :-)
  • We can only provide detailed advice per mail on the basis of a calculation of the time we spend. You will be invoiced accordingly.
    The reality is that every day we get a large number of mails containing inquiries and request for consultation, so many in fact that these would take up all of our time. We are therefore not able to spend 24 hours of the day providing free mail answers with correct, useful and money-saving advice to everybody.
  • Consulting via telephone is also possible if you send a short mail in advance and will be charged per minute.
  • We can normally offer you energy-saving options!
  • Because of the risk of virus, we are obliged to delete mails with attachments which we are not expecting at the server.


On-the-spot consulting and implementation

Take advantage of our unique combined knowledge in the fields of our plant engineering, control and computer technology!
      We are on call to help you on site with expert advice and options for remedial action. We are specialized in trouble-shooting and can implement innovative and energy-saving concepts.
Our special interest is solving tasks where others have failed. We can beat your problem!

Up to now our analysis has improved every system we have looked at. We have never left an installation before it was running just as the user required, ensuring both comfort and economy. In tough cases we complete long-term measurements with special computers able to capture measurement values. So no error can escape us!
      Remedial action is planned according to the way the building is used. Our main aim is to achieve an integrated energy-saving plan.
This saving requires some financial outlay on your part.
Ask us for an estimate and send us your problem description.
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