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Residential estate

Residential estate
Residential estate [Photo: db]
Object data
Heated area: 8052 m².
Construction standard WSV 1995
Work completed
  1. Heating requirement and annual consumption calculated from gas consumed.
  2. Required volume flows of the heating system calculated.
  3. Checked the hydraulic specifications given by the manufacturer: pump capacity too big.
  4. Checked the electrical system circuits: errors.
  5. Checked the setting of the Viessmann controller: errors.
  6. Checked the components of the Viessmann controller.
  7. Checked the components of the Wilo controller (approx. 30 parameters).
  8. Checked components of the Weishaupt controller.
  9. Checked simultaneous operation in running mode.
  10. Boiler system found to be running permanently at 69°C (!).
  11. 770W pump running continously all year through: 5000 pumping hours saveable per year.

Special circumstances
In 1996, the dual-boiler system (245+275kW) was installed and adjusted by a general contractor which, in the following years, cost the heating contractor a lot of money.
      The system kept the two boilers at a constantly high temperature. This was because the minimal settings of the controller were incorrectly set at 69°C and no night-time reduction was set. The system was stewing in its own juice for 4 years; between 69° (minimal outlet) and 85° (maximum outlet) just like an outdated constant-temperature system from the seventies.
      A whole lot of other measures for optimizing the system, which could have been taken immediately prior to commissioning, and are easily achievable by simple settings or circuits, were also identified.
Consumption data
Mean value(98-01): Requirement 604217.12 kWh
Mean surface area requirement 39.6637 W/m²
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