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Airconditioned Commercial Building

Commercial building in Aachen
Commercial building in Aachen [Photo: db]
We looked after this 5-floor commmercial building in Aachen for 7 years.
We were asked by the client to take over looking after this building in 1983. This was because the previous company had no solution to the sick building syndrome.
      This three-storey building, dedicated to commercial use, houses a discotheque (basement level), shops (ground level), merchandise store-rooms and offices (upper storeys). The environmental control systems, including 3 dew-point controlled air-conditioners, water-chiller and gas boiler, are located on the roof.
Object data
Location: Blondelstr. 9, 52062 Aachen
Air-conditioned area: ~6000 m².
Levels rented: 4.
Work completed
  1. Recalculation of air quantity from 3 air-conditioning systems according to the requirements of the tenants.
  2. Recalculation of air washer performance.
  3. Drop separator of air washers improved.
  4. Hygiene of air washers brought up standard.
  5. To achieve an almost draft-free office environment, the air outlets were modified and adjusted.
  6. Hydraulic adjustment of heating distribution.
  7. Equilibration of static heating and heat output of the air-conditioning system.
  8. To compensate the solar heating of west side of the building, special control measures were executed.
  9. Improved control of the water chiller (refac) 4-step control.
  10. Energy performance of condensors technically improved.
  11. Modification of switching cabinets, adaptation of all controls (stäfa).
  12. Energy optimisation by raising detailed schedule for servicing air-condition/heating/ventilation/cooling.
  13. Modification of waste-water lifting system, basement level with discotheque rooms.
  14. Restaurant area: reactive current compensator installed.
  15. General energy-saving advice

Special circumstances
  • By exactly timing all systems to the users requirements, we were able to reduce the annual cost of running the air-conditoning system alone by 5,000 euros(!)
  • With preventive maintenance, tailored to the system technology, the error-free running of 99.5% was achieved. To ensure that the water in the washers of the due-point adjusted air-conditioning systems remained in a hygenic condition, we applied a combination of techniques to minimize calcification and bacterial attack. ( Legionnaire's disease)
  • Success: The justified complaints went down to the usual rate of 15% dissatisfied users.

Consumption data
No more details available.
I dedicated this page to the person who taught me a lot about air-conditioning,
Joachim Poschmann, who always said:
'If you want to find an error in a system, you either need to know the system down to the last screw - or take it apart yourself.'
Time has shown him to be right.

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