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Company DOG: Factory space with offices

DOG: Shed with offices
Company DOG: Factory space with offices [Photo: DOG]
1998, the factory space was redesigned according to the wishes of the client.
Renewal of the facade included improvements to the insulation. An office with 4 workshops was created.
Athmospheric gas boiler with air heaters for the workshops, gas boiler with radiators for the offices.
Die Objekt Gestaltung Design GmbH Tel.0241-870066

Object data
Location: Liebigstr. 26, 52070 Aachen
Office area: 167 m².
workshop area: 445 m²
Work completed
  1. Heating requirement calculated.
  2. Facade renovated
  3. Design of the office heating
  4. Design of the heating in the workshops with heat generation fine-tuned to requirements.
  5. General energy-saving advice

Special circumstances
Since the workshops were used on an irregular basis, installation of heat generation to requirements to improve system efficiency was completed in 1/2005. The 10-point improvement acheved by manual switch-off of the boiler in summer enabled us to identify that the greatest potential saving was achievable by reducing stand-by losses. Let'S see what happens in 2005...

Consumption data of the offices and workshops
Year Mean of normalized heating energy
(without electr. current!)
2001 95.58 59.56 Gas boiler on, even im summer
2002 100.21 62.08 Gas boiler on, even im summer
2002 118.94 72.06 Gas booiler off in summer manually
2002 114.90 74.37 Gas boiler off in summer manually
2005     Installed a needs-response driven control

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