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Stables and residential building in Baden

Stables and residential building in Baden
The yard [photo: db]
Object data
Heated area: before remediation 490, now 690 m².
Large variation in levels of insulation from very good to bad.
Wood-fired boiler 49kW, radiator heating, hot water tank, solar energy system planned.
No. of parties: 5.
The yard

Work completed
  1. Heating requirement checked by envelope curve method
  2. Engineering energy-saving heating system: wood-fired boiler charging a buffer and a hot water tank, distribution, pumps, heat distribution over distance.
  3. Hydraulic balance calculated for all sub-systems and radiators. We only used thermostatic valves with built-in flow adjustment.
  4. Engineering buffers: buffer for the boiler, solar energy system and hot water tank with controlled circulation by consumption.
  5. Draught controller installed.
  6. Engineering and installation of controller for boiler and solar energy system with Sorel MR121 and EMW Solar.

Wood-fired boiler
Wood-fired boiler for wood chips, currently fired with pellets [photo: bf]
Special features
The bad thing about this boiler: if it goes out you have to ignite it manually!
This meant that for 10 long years the heat of the embers vanished up the chimney. Even in summer, to provide hot water the boiler had to run. The only control provided by the manufacturer was via boiler thermostat without any possibility of manual adjustment!
In the corse of 2006, the system will be enhanced by a standard solar energy system for hot water and providing a contribution for extra heating heating. Values with GetSolar:
  1. Roof inclination 40º, orientiation 0º
  2. 44.2 m² flat collector Nehs Alusun 2.54
  3. Hot water tank 500 litres
  4. Buffer tank 2200 litres (Can be charged interchangeably)
  5. Cover rate 177%
  6. Efficiency 26%
  7. Specific annual collector output: 315 kWh/m²
  8. Calculated potential oil saving 21816 kWh or 4363kg pellets.

Consumption data
Before re-engineering with only 490m²: 230kWh/(m²*a)
Amount of savings calculated without solar system with extension of the heating system to 690m²: 28% to 115kWh/m².
New data not yet available.
Climate-corrected consumption forecast to 2007

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