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Office buiding in Oberforstbach

Gewerbeobjekt in Oberforstbach
Typical industrial building from the 1990 [photo: db]
Object data
Heated area: 1420 m² offices and studios.
Insulation: moderate, insulated to 1982 standard.
Atmospheric 2-stage gas boiler rodiac 100kW, radiator heating system, 140 radiators, 2-circuits, no subsystems!, hot water boiler + permanent circulation.
South facing: car park with one-storey building [photo: db]

Work completed
  1. Heating requirement checked by envelope curve method: 105kW. Calculated from previous consumption: 85kW.
  2. Engineering energy-saving heating system: boiler, distribution, 1 pump, 3-fold cycle planned.
  3. Hydraulic balance calculated for all sub-systems and radiators, worked out in 2006.
  4. Rebuilding the controller to system bajorath. Up to summer 2006 running with existing hydraulics, because of the need to replace the non-functional controller quickly.

Special features
  • Consumption increasing in recent years due to non-functional controller.
  • Permanently excessive temperatures in inflow between seasons resulted in thermostat valves sticking frequently.
  • Tenants aware of extra charges.

Consumption data
Before re-engineering: 111.25 kWh/(m²*a)
Amount of savings calculated: 37.5%.
New data not yet available.
Climate-corrected consumption forecast to 2006

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