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Appartment house in Dortmund

Appartment house in Dortmund
Appartment house [Photo: vw]
We have been looking after this five-floor appartment house in Dortmund since 2001 simply by email!
Here is what the owner, who is no beginner in technical matters, has to say:
'I have to say, that even though your diagnosis was arrived at simply by an exchange of emails, the advice you gave has been the basis of savings which I was unable to achieve alone. Although I can now to some extent manage the system alone, it is clear to me that without the leads you gave, this would not be possible.'

Object data
Location: Schillingstraße 20, 44139 Dortmund
Heated area: 539 m².
Heated floors: 5.
Work completed
  1. The consumption of heating energy was cut.
  2. Heating-up time was cut by controller set-up measurements.
  3. Hydraulics balanced,
  4. The expansion tank volume was recalculated and the tank swapped out.
  5. Full use made of the control range of Vaillant controller.
  6. The 2-stage boiler was adapted to the heating requirements of the building.
  7. Bolier better protected against condensation... etc.

Special circumstances
Replacing the boiler in 2000 with a low-temperature gas boiler was the result of incorrect advice to the owner by the plumber, because it could have been possible to install a well-modulating condensing value gas burner, which would have paid for itself after 2 years (by consuming less).
      From year 3 the boiler would have saved money every year like a savings contract. Plus interest. However, this advantage would have gone to the tenants only, so its easy to imagine why the installer was not particularly interested. :-((
Consumption data
Jahr Mean of normalized heating energy
(without electr. current!)
Meets heat conservation standard (WSV) Remarks
1997-2000 192.6 1977 Original installation condition
from 2001 147.4 1982 Following optimization

Savings adjusted for variation in climate: 7.9% (achieved alone by changes to settings...)
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